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Without A Doubt The Most Successful Strategy For Getting An Ex Back Is…
Without A Doubt The Most Successful Strategy For Getting An Ex Back Is…

No seriously… I am not just messing around here. You see, as a professional relationship consultant who helps people get back with their exes for a living I am always looking for an edge. 

I want my advice to be the best out there. 

And I have found the most effective way to accomplish that is to think outside the box. So, about a month ago I came up with the genius idea of taking all the success stories I had on record to see if I could find any correlations between them. 

Success stories like,

I wanted to see what the people who succeeded were doing differently than the people who failed. 

What I learned was earth shattering. 

Especially when it came to the no contact rule.

The independent study that I personally performed showed me that the vast majority of successes had all utilized the no contact rule.


But why? 

Why is the no contact rule so effective?

Wait.. perhaps it’s a better idea if I introduce you to my team first.


Have you ever seen the movie, Gone with the Wind?

There’s a classic line in that movie that I think perfectly sums up exactly how helpless most people feel after a breakup.

But first some context.

Scarlett wants to stop Rhett from leaving.

Ok, context given ;) .

Scarlett: “Rhett, Rhett… Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?”

Rhett: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Here is my point. Breakups are incredibly tough to get through.

They cause you to stop breathing…

To feel this deep pain in your chest…

To lose any appetite you have…

Hell, you can’t even sleep half the time from being so obsessed and heartbroken about the situation.

But that’s not even the worst part.

No, the worst part of going through a breakup and wanting an ex back is the fact that there is no support system for you to fall back on.

Friends don’t really want to help you…

And family?

Well, most of you are probably too embarrassed to even talk to them about it.

That’s where we come in.

You see, I created my website to not only serve as a support system for those in need but to get as close as possible to serving personalized advice to the individual.

And I think our clients have been pretty happy with the advice that they have been given,

But how is this even possible? 

Especially when you consider we get close to 9 million visitors a year to our website.

How can everyone who asks a question eventually get answered in an individualized manner? 

Well, it’s possible due to the “Ex Recovery Team” 

Want to meet the team?

Chris Seiter
I am a professional relationship consultant and founder of Ex Boyfriend Recovery/Ex Girlfriend Recovery. Though something tells me you are already pretty familiar with who I am. Now, I am not one to hog all the credit so lets turn our attention to the real stars of Ex Boyfriend Recovery/Ex Girlfriend Recovery.
Jennifer Seiter
Ah my wife… The true boss! She’s in charge of our YouTube channel. So, if you ask a question there the chances are that you will be hearing from her. Though she also helps answer people on the site from time to time. She also works on our outreach program. So, if you have any business related inquiries she is definitely the person to talk to.
Amor is newer to the team but she has hit the ground running. She is in charge of answering all the comments on Ex Boyfriend Recovery/Ex Girlfriend Recovery. Though I will say that I pop in from time to time to help her out.
Leia is also one of our newer members but she has been doing an incredible job of answering all customer service related inquiries. So, if you have a question you want to ask through email Leia is your girl!
Taylor is a professional website designer who designed this entire website (including this page.) He is an incredible talent so lets give him a shout out due to his hard work on this website!

Now, what does “The Ex Recovery Team” have to do with the no contact rule? 

Well, we came up with something incredible for you. 

It’s something that I have personally named, 


But more on that in a second. I bet you are dying to know why the no contact rule is such an effective strategy to use to get your ex back, huh?


If you didn’t already know the no contact rule is defined as, 

“A period of time where you ignore your ex on purpose”

But why does it work?

Well, there are three main areas that work interchangeably when you use the no contact rule on your ex,

(It allows you to get over the breakup)
(It allows your ex time to get over the breakup)
(You can make yourself appear more attractive to them while doing the no contact rule)

But that’s not even the best part. 

Let’s go out on a limb here and say that you utilize NC and are able to win your ex back.

What then? 

Do you just want to break up with your ex again and start the process over from the start?

No way!

You probably want to have a long lasting relationship with your ex when you get them back, right? 

Well, there is actual scientific proof that the no contact rule can help with that. 

In the “No Contact Rule Book” I talk about the idea of “Phycological Reactance.”

(noun) The more energy that is expended towards a goal, the more appreciative the person who pursued the goal will be once it’s attained

In other words, the harder you make it for your ex to win you back via the no contact rule the more they will become appreciative of you when they get you back. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Now, take a look at what our clients are specifically saying about the no contact rule,

Now, if that doesn’t spell out the importance of the no contact rule for you I don’t know what will. 

But that still doesn’t change the fact that people have been getting the no contact rule wrong for ages… 

You see, the simple idea of a no contact rule where you ignore your ex for a period of time creates a lot of questions.

Will the No Contact Rule Work for Getting an Ex Back?
Can You Break It to Exchange Items?
Can You Ever Break It?
What If I Work with Them?
What If I Live with Them?
How Long Should No Contact Be?
Should I Use the No Contact Rule?

So, if you couple these questions that people are dying to get answered (which of course I answer in-depth in the No Contact Rule Book) with the simple fact that they want their ex back more than anything and you can understand why there are so many desperate men and women out there scouring the internet for help. 

But all it takes is advice from one bad person and you can get thrown completely off track. 

And like I said, most of the people handing out advice out there don’t have it right. 

Now, I am assuming since you have read this far down the page you probably know a thing or two about the no contact rule. 

Let me ask. 

What’s the one rule that’s supposed to be ironclad when it comes to the no contact rule?

The Rule = You can’t break the no contact rule no matter what!



One thing that I have learned throughout all my years in the “ex recovery” field is the fact that adaptation is the key to success.

The person who learns to adapt to their own unique situation does well when it comes to getting an ex back.

And yes, sometimes that means breaking the no contact rule early.

Now, I know what you are thinking.

“Are you serious? We are allowed to break the no contact rule early?”

Technically yes…

BUT certain things have to happen first.

In “The No Contact Rule Book” I talk about the “7 Key Factors” that you have to take into account for you to break the no contact rule early. 
1. How Long You Were in a Relationship with Your Ex For
2. How Many Days Have Passed Since You Started No Contact
3. What Is Your Track Record with Breakups?
4. Where Are You in Your Own Personal Recovery?
5. What Was the Cause of the Breakup?
6. Who Initiated the Breakup
7. -----------------------------------

Now, I know what you are thinking, 

“Hey, where is factor number seven?”

Well, key factor 7 is the be all end all of all the key factors. It’s something I like to call “The Golden Principle.” But I think I am going to keep it in my back pocket for now. 

(Hey, I have to keep you interested in The No Contact Rule Book” somehow.)

Now, lets talk more about this “No Contact Rule Book.”


I wrote this book with one singular purpose.


Now, throughout this page I have made it clear that the no contact rule is without a doubt the most successful strategy for getting an ex back. 

However, here is what I haven’t told you. 

Even though it sounds simple the no contact rule is without a doubt the most difficult strategy to fully complete. 

In fact, I estimate that close to 80% of the people who try it end up failing.

And those that are in the middle of no contact find it absolutely excruciating, 
Hell, some find the idea of even doing it intimidating,

Well, “The No Contact Rule Book” serves as a guide or constant companion that you can always fall back on when you find yourself struggling. 

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. 

It can be accessed from any device (Smart Phone, iPad, Computer, Tablet, Galaxy.)


Immediately upon clicking one of the big green “checkout” buttons below you will be taken to our secure checkout system.

From there you will be prompted to put in your credit card information. After you have done so you will be given access to the PDF version of “The No Contact Rule Book” that can download to pretty much any phone, tablet or computer that you own.

Right here, right now…

It’s as simple as that.

Oh, and like I said I have built a whole team around “getting an ex back” and that includes support. So, if you were to ever run into any issues with your download or if you simply had a question about how to implement the no contact rule in your situation you could just email Leia (our support rep) at [email protected].

What can I say… I like to make things easy for you!


If you are still on the fence about “The No Contact Rule Book” I have a fun little story to tell you. 

As a young boy one of my favorite books to read was “Harry Potter.” I remember my mother was the first to tell me about it from a review she read in the paper. So, after begging her for a week straight she went out and bought it for me. 

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

I read half of the first chapter and put it down. 

“What a horrible book. I don’t see what the big fuss is about?” I thought to myself. 

I thought people were crazy when they would talk about how great it was. 

I didn’t see it. 

However, people just kept going on and on about it so after debating long and hard one day I decided to pick it back up again. 

Turns out that the first chapter of “Harry Potter” was notoriously known for being bad. But things really started to pick up after that. 

Upon completing it I thought the book was a masterpiece. 

A 76,944 word masterpiece. 

Oh, that reminds me. 

Guess how long “The No Contact Rule Book” is? 

It’s a little over 70,000 words!

In other words, it’s almost as long as the first Harry Potter book. 

Why did I tell you that story? 

I wanted you to see the lengths I was willing to go to for you so that every one of your questions was answered and every aspect of the no contact rule was covered. 

In other words, I wrote a novel about the no contact rule.

Kinda like Harry Potter except it’s not fiction ;) .

PDF Format
(Downloadable Anywhere)
70,000 Words
 (Almost as Long as The First Harry Potter Book)
321 Pages
(Packed with Value)
1) Top Facts & Myths Surrounding Breakups 
2) The Psychology Behind The 7 Breakup Techniques
3) The Importance Of “Self Concept Clarity”
4) Every Facet Of The No Contact Rule
5) Should You Always Freeze Out Your Ex In Every Situation?
6) The Golden Rule Where You Can Break No Contact Early
7) Limited Contact (And When To Use It)
8) Phantom Contact (During No Contact)
9) The Idea Of A “Two Front Campaign”
10) The Value Of Coping Strategies
11) The Principle Of “Anchoring”
12) The “Pedestal Effect”
13) Attachment Styles Theory
14) What To Do AFTER No Contact

Of course, there is still one pressing thing that I think we need to discuss and it’s something that you may not like.

It starts with a C and ends with and “OST.”



Here’s the thing, I want to make this as affordable as possible for you but at the same time I know I am going to have to fight my “GREED” urge. 

Especially when I know that there are people out there that are willing to pay me THOUSANDS for my time. 

Oh, and I am not kidding about this one either, 

When you see stuff like that it’s not surprising that a lot of folks in this industry think I should charge at least a couple hundred for “The Plan” and believe it or not but there are a few copycats out there whose products ARE that expensive (seriously.)

But never mind them…

They can keep charging a small fortune and taking advantage of people..

That’s not my style.

No, I believe in making my products affordable so everyone can take advantage of them.

It is for this reason that you can gain access – TODAY – to “The No Contact Rule Book”

Clients have literally offered to pay me thousands for my time (see above) and I rarely ever take them on.

(FYI I declined the woman’s offer for $1200 above.)

Of course, while I do my best to make my products affordable for everyone my personal time is a very different story.

When I do take on a coaching client my time is worth a lot.

$2,000 to $3,000 to be exact.

Now here is the crazy part… people are willing to pay because they know I get results.

Heck, even an hour of my time on Skype is $500.

Yet, today you can get my knowledge for getting an ex back for only $47

When you look at it like that it kind of makes a $47 investment look kind of like a joke, huh?


I am the type of person that despises others who are pushy when it comes to “selling something” but if there is one thing I have learned through my tenure here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery it’s that time does matter..

So, if you are serious about getting your ex back don’t “sit on the fence” and debate whether or not this product is worth it.

(FYI it is!)

Every minute you spend on the fence is a minute wasted when it comes to getting your ex back.

Oh, and in case you are wondering there have been women that have bought this product too late and doomed their chances because they waited a few months to pull the trigger on buying this…


I am not saying this so you will buy this course. I am saying it because I know that if you wait to buy this product you may potentially hurt your chances at getting your ex back and believe me when I say that, that is something you don’t want to go through.

I want to give you every opportunity to win her back.

Here’s to getting your ex back! You can do this.

Author of Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro

P.S. You know, they say that if I added a picture I am supposed to be more credible to you…

I am not quite sure if a picture alone is going to convince you…

Guess I am a skeptic there..

So, let me just say this. I absolutely want you to get your ex back.

With this course I did everything in my power to make that happen.

I wanted to be there side by side with you… Answering every question you have… I wanted to be able to provide real life examples from men who have succeeded…

Examples that you could learn from…

But what I really wanted was to create a product that was so incredible that it actually got results.

I can confidently say that I feel I have done all of that with The No Contact Rule Book.

This is really the best I have to offer..

So, I am going to get a little bold here and tell you that it really is in your best interest to buy The No Contact Rule because without it you probably won’t have a great chance of getting your ex back.

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